There is no grape variety on the face of the planet that excites, satisfies and turns wine lovers on more than Pinot Noir, while at the same time setting them up for crushing disappointment; truly the ultimate love affair for wine tragics worldwide.

If Pinot Noir is the very elixir of heaven for you, then spending time with Pinot Unearthed may satisfy your hedonistic and masochistic tendencies.

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What is Pinot Unearthed?

Creating a Global Pinot Community

There comes a time in every wine lovers life when they say to themselves 'If I took everything else away, and only had one wine/variety to drink for the rest of my life, what would it be?' Given the name of this website and project, it is easy to see what the answer was, but a little insight goes a long way.

At a dinner in 2010 this question was asked by Ben Edwards, Chris Crawford and Dan Sims over several bottles of some of the great names of Pinot Noir; Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, Armand Rousseau and Sylvain Cathiard to name a few. Were all of the bottles good? Hell no, but it didn't stop us from riding the roller coaster wave of anticipation, excitement, fulfilment and disappointment. It didn't do it then, and it won't do it ever. This is the essence of the Pinot lover's life; obsession with little regard for consistency, more questions than answers, endless debates on the merits or shortcomings of the variety and a need to get the next fix of great Pinot Noir, regardless of the cost.

As a variety Pinot Noir is incredibly transparent and reveals every little thing that happens to it along its journey; the vineyard, the farming, the vintage, the clones, the winemaking, the oak used, whole bunches, destemming, whole berries, the bottle, the closure, the provenance of the shipping, the storage, the glassware and the list goes on. The possibilities for pleasure are endless, and the reality of disappointment equally so.

Pinot Unearthed is not only about the wine, but the whole lifestyle that is a part of Pinot lover's ensemble. Great food and restaurants, heavenly matches, atrocious matches, the travel and the adventure associated with buying great Pinot Noir, events that celebrate the variety in all its guises, and just about anything else you want to put on the table.

Hence Pinot Unearthed was born, to try to answer questions, create debate and to forge a community for the whole wide world of mad, schizophrenic Pinot Noir lovers who need a collective voice. From small beginnings, we hope to achieve great results, by giving producers and consumers educated and considered opinion on Pinot Noir, based on expertise, experience and independence, with no axe to grind other than to celebrate this minx of a variety. Pinot Unearthed exists for one and all, and there will be events for consumers to enjoy and participate in, providing the producers the opportunity to get to know their clientele and vice verse.

The plan is simple, as the Pinot Unearthed team will endeavour to write vintage reports on all of the established and recognised regions for Pinot Noir production around the world. We are starting in Australia and New Zealand for obvious reasons, but our method is to compare regional and sub-regional wines by tasting blind, in good glassware and with open discussion to tease out the right results. It is our aim to celebrate the best wines of any given vintage under strict conditions where quality is foremost, and bowing down to tradition and the name of the label a very distant last.

Gone are the days that it is enough to have the right name on the bottle, as educated consumers want to be turned on by its contents, and not by the label on the outside. In the case of great Pinot Noir, true beauty lies within.

To get the inside running on how we conduct ourselves at Pinot Unearthed click HERE.

The Wine Guide Team

Ben, Chris & Dan